Recent projects

Capacity Building Project (CAP) – Women’s Economic Council: a four year national research and stakeholder engagement project to build capacity and ensure sustainability for national women’s organization and supportive organizations across Canada.

Business Growth Advisor – PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise: an ongoing service supporting women in Eastern Ontario to start and grow business; initiating and hosting roundtables to engage community partners and local businesswomen in solving challenges and reducing local gaps and barriers to women’s economic success.

Jigsaw Puzzel Project – Women’s Economic Council: a three year national research and development project to build a website to serve women and supportive groups, organizations and governments., launched in July 2018.

Finding Futures, an in-depth study of the attitudes and perceptions of the skilled trades in Ottawa. Prepared for Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, the 190-page report was well received and included:

  • a critical review and appraisal of existing literature and existing trades-related youth employment programs in Canada.
  • a review of sector council, government and labour market information
  • a series of in-depth interviews and conversations with skilled trades employers, trades professionals and various sector council staff
  • a series of interviews with staff of the trades programs at local colleges
  • focus groups with local area high school guidance counsellors and teachers
  • focus groups with youth and parents
  • a survey with distribution to youth and in several languages to reach the newcomer population
  • a survey with distribution to parents of teenagers and young adults
  • selecting members for a steering committee and meeting regularly to update and discuss

Planned Giving Letter for a Legacy Mailing – Canadian War Museum:

  • the first broadly targeted planned giving cultivation appeal to CWM donors
  • stand-alone piece promoting legacy giving through a will or other planned gift
  • aimed at targeted prospects, especially selected one-time (OTG) and long-term (OTG) givers

Case for Support – Canadian Wildlife Federation

  • conducted extensive research to create a case statement aimed at corporate clients; business focus
  • created inspirational text and supporting data
  • worked closely with artist and production designers to shape look and feel of large glossy brochure

Case For Support – Air Cadet League of Canada

  • conducted extensive background research 
  • created key messages, new themes and a new case for support
  • suggested new stakeholders and new ways to approach existing stakeholders 
  • developed new ideas for online fundraising and outreach to online supporters
  • developed new marketing approaches and better ways to communicate fundraising to members, supporters and general community

Fundraising Needs Assessment – St. John Ambulance (national)

  • conducted research/interviews into multilevel national fundraising – in-house and other
  • designed survey and set-up online assessment tools, including Doodle to manage interviews across time zones and online voice recording
  • conducted over 30 in-depth interviews with executives, leadership and senior managers
  • analyzed the research and interviews; wrote report
  • recommendations were followed and new strategies now in effect

Grant Applications – various charities

  • wrote funding proposal to build strategies to communicate with new partners, supporters and stakeholders for fundraising
  • coordinated and acquired data, information, references, permissions and more to support the application process and meet funder requirements
  • ensured compliance with Ministry guidelines and other formal mechanisms required by funders
  • researched and updated information relating to client impact and achievements; collaborated on funding budget
  • consulted closely with staff to ensure compliance and to meet deadlines
  • Please contact us if you require details about these or other projects such as fundraising audits, research into co-fundraising between groups and more.