Boutique Consulting 
We are a small team with powerful skills, extensive experience and vast knowledge of philanthropy today. Our goals are simple:

  • work closely with your charity or non-profit to uncover your fundraising needs and address them
  • drive your mission forward with creativity, vitality and sound project management
  • research fundraising ideas or new program areas using appropriate methodologies
  • nurture your valuable donor relationships
  • develop policies and procedures to help you build fundraising capacity
  • collaborate or partner with qualified professionals to reach specified goals
  • respect your organization’s culture and values.

Necessary Support
At your request, JKA will

  • design and implement an entire research, fundraising or related project
  • manage a portion of an existing strategy or campaign
  • create a phased plan that can be implemented as time and budget allow
  • design qualitative or quantitative research projects
  • customize solutions for your unique needs
  • work with your leadership team to¬†implement new fundraising strategies
  • train your board, volunteers or staff to develop your new directions in fundraising More

We are a multidisciplinary team of strategic thinkers and creative planners. We:

  • work collaboratively
  • bring you the know-how necessary for success
  • build bridges between your organization and today’s complex fundraising environments

Our team will:

  • listen carefully, so we really understand your needs and challenges
  • drive your fundraising forward with appropriate strategies, including social and other media
  • assist you in developing real-world solutions for your fundraising needs
  • partner with you, freely sharing our knowledge and expertise to improve your fundraising capacity
  • lead the way whenever our skills and expertise can best leverage the advantage for your organization.